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Airbus secures deal with Iran Air PARIS Airbus and Iran Air finalized Thursday a deal for 100 planes worth more than $18 billion dollars at list prices a contract that's potentially a big boost for Iran's post-sanctions economy. Under the terms of the deal, which was initially announced in January, Airbus said deliveries are expected to begin early next year. The contract includes single-aisle A320 and A330 jets and wide-body A350 XWB planes. As well as further modernizing Iran's aging aviation fleet, which has been hobbled by years of sanctions, the deal is a boon to Airbus too as Iran's flag carrier had finalized a deal for 80 jetliners from U.S. plane maker Boeing Co. Airbus' key rival earlier this month. In addition to providing the planes, Airbus is to help Iran Air with pilot training, assist with airport operations and air traffic management. The Boeing agreement was the biggest Iran has struck with an American company since the 1979 revolution and U.S.


We will be always be forthright about the costs and fees involved and with no upfront fees, you will know exactly where you stand. This type of financing allows an enterprise to meet current obligations by providing immediate cash flow. Alternatives to a short-term business loan If you don’t think your business will be able to pay off any borrowing over a year or less, then you might want to consider a medium or long-term business loan which can be repaid more slowly. No Credit Check Application – Flexible Terms & Fast Approval! If a business needs to buy capital equipment, buildings, other businesses, or undertake construction projects, a long-term loan is the way to go. If at all possible, they achieve results for their clients. However, their convenience is costly. That's why you need to have an inspector a customs broker, freight forwarder, etc. certify what you ordered is what was shipped and that it arrived in good shape. How Easy is it to Obtain a Long-Term Loan? With Joe, we knew being in the agricultural industry meant cash flow was going to fluctuate.

And if you have a blemish on your credit record or are falling behind in your APO obligations, it is not a problem. The loan contracts usually contain restrictive covenants detailing what the company can and cannot do financially during the term of the loan. continue reading below our video 5 Steps to Starting Your Own Business For example, the bank may specify that the company cannot take on more debt during the life of the long-term loan. They carry higher interest rates and are to be returned within the period of a payroll cycle. The Basics of Small Business Credit Cards The largest card issuers—VISA International, American Express and MasterCard International—have adopted small business card programs. Keep in mind that banks deal with documents, not goods, and if the documents are incorrect—even if the goods arrive as promised—the letter of credit can be worthless if any party to the agreement has made a mistake in the paperwork.